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TRAFCON offers state of the art lamp technology. Depending upon Arrow Board size and configuration, options are available in LED, Polystar and Pulsar in PAR36 and PAR46.

TRAFCON offers optimum lamp technology. TRAFCON Lamps are designed & built exclusively by TRAFCON.  Laboratory tests confirm that our lamps meet and exceed Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) MUTCD specifications.

TRAFCON LED Lamps are best-in-class!
•    Excellent angularity
•    Enhanced conspicuity
•    Energy-Efficient
•    Eco-friendly
•    Economical

Learn about our Pulsar Lamps...

Download the Pulsar Brochure here

TRAFCON takes care of your traffic safety needs. Our ongoing research & development applied to lamps, controllers, electrical & mechanical systems, and components ensure that you receive the best technology available in the industry!

Contact our Sales Team now!

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