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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase directly from Trafcon or are products sold through distributors?
Trafcon does maintain relationships with some distributors for our products in various parts of the USA. However, not all distributors maintain a full inventory of Trafcon products (and at times, customization of a product might be necessary to fit your particular needs). To determine if there is a suitable, authorized distributor in your location, it would be best to first contact Trafcon’s main office sales team at 717-691-8007.
How are warranty claims handled?
If you are experiencing problems with your Trafcon unit – whether it is under warranty or not – there are certain steps that — as per our warranty — you are required to follow.  The first step is to call our main office (717-691-8007) and talk with our technical support people.  Frequently, they can walk you through steps to either fix the problem or, in lieu of a fix, narrow the issue to a certain component of the product.  If the issue is not resolved, the suspected problem parts will need to be returned to Trafcon for further examination and, if desired, repairs.  The customer must obtain an RMA number before returning anything to Trafcon.  Once the issue is identified, technical support will reach out to the customer to explain the issue, the available solutions (repair, replace, etc), and advise as to what the cost will be.

A copy of Trafcon’s standard warranty is available on this website.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ship the item to Trafcon.  This includes the cost of shipping.  If repairs are covered under warranty. There will be no charge for them and items will be returned as soon as repairs are complete.  Trafcon will cover the shipping back to the customer.  One exception is that, if the customer requests a method other than UPS ground, they will be billed for the difference between standard UPS ground and the requested rate.  If the item is determined to be out of warranty, the process is very similar except there will be charges to the customer for repairs and for shipping.

One issue worth noting in this section is that sometimes we can solve a problem by shipping the customer easily replaced parts or components.  If that is the case, for certain items Trafcon will want the defective parts returned to us.  This is useful in two ways.  First, by examining the failed part, we can sometimes find ways to make it more durable in the future.  Secondly, many of the components are covered by warranties of their own allowing Trafcon to get credit when we return them to our vendor.  If such an item is not returned, the customer will be charged for the part.

What payment terms does Trafcon offer and what forms of payment are acceptable?
New Trafcon customers are placed on COD basis.  Usually, payment is handled via credit card.  Some customers prefer to present a check at or before delivery.  If a customer can demonstrate that they intend to do a consistent volume & sizeable amount of business with Trafcon, the customer may apply for ‘net 30-day’ terms.  Payment forms acceptable to Trafcon include business checks and credit cards.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover.  Please note that payment by credit card is only an option if you use it when you take delivery of your order (and credit card information must be provided when the order is placed).  A ‘net 30-day’ customer may not use a credit card to pay an invoice that has already aged 30 days but may choose to use a credit card in the normal manner despite having credit terms.
What shipping/delivery options are available for Trafcon products?
Over the years, Trafcon’s experience in shipping its products have narrowed our selection of shipping resources to ones we have found to be consistently dependable and economical.

There are many options as to how you can take possession of your order.  As a standard, all shipping is fob: Mechanicsburg.  It is not uncommon for some customers to pick-up their orders.  If that does not suit your company, we can package & ship your order, and the choice of carrier will be made considering the size of your order and the destination.  We will add the appropriate freight & handling to your invoice.

Some customers prefer to use their personal shipping vendors.  We will oblige this, although there are a few things the customer should consider.  There will still be a crating or packaging charge.  The customer must also advise their carrier of when Trafcon is open for pick-up (generally 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on Mondays through Fridays).  Finally, we expect that your arranged pick-up will be timely – we do not have extra space to store your order once it is complete.

Is Trafcon International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified?
Trafcon industries Inc. is not ISO certified.  We are a rather small business and the extra costs of all the work needed to become & remain certified are not something we could easily absorb in our costing model.  However, Trafcon industries Inc. implements a very detailed quality management & operations process.  The implementation of these prescribed procedures allows us to be ISO 9001 compliant.  Our customers benefit as this maintains consistently high levels of quality without having to increase our pricing to cover the financial burdens of maintaining ISO certification.

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